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To Order Pottery: Call Sarah at 603-536-4396

Sarah Hundgen's pottery is not mass produced. Each piece is unique and hand-thrown. She prefers the wheel over hand-building. Sarah has taken instruction from League of New Hampshire Craftsmen Tim McCosker & Richard Wetterer of Shanware Pottery, Brian O'Hare of Ripple Pottery, and Marek Drzazga-Donaldson of Mole Cottage in Devon, England. She has been throwing periodically since 1984. Her desire is to create practical art forms with clay. Pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

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The Process of Throwing Clay

The clay comes in a block. I cut it off, weigh and wedge the clay.

Pottery block, weigh and wedge

I throw clay on an electric wheel. Here is a cylinder.

Pottery wheel

Here is a bowl.


Here are some freshly thrown pieces.

Freshly Thrown Pottery

Finished plates, cup, bowls, and pitcher.

Finished Pottery

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